How Much Does Tesla Battery Replacement Cost? (2023)

Do you need to replace your car battery? I bet you think about how much will it cost to replace a Tesla battery.

Answer is between $5,000 to $7,500 and it depends on what model Tesla you drive.

When you are faced with the problem of having a dead battery and not being able to start your car, then i suggest you to read the information i gathered for you below!

3 Tesla Car Models Of Replacing A Battery Price

If you’re looking for the estimate as to how much it costs to replace your Tesla battery, then this article is for you. Here, I will discuss the different models of Tesla cars and share with you the estimated costs of battery replacements.

The estimate for the Tesla car battery’s replacement is not exactly as its models are still new and are within the warranty period until 2020. You should know that Tesla car battery replacement is something that you generally shouldn’t worry about. Tesla car batteries have a warranty of eight years. The miles are unlimited, and if you are ever unfortunate enough to get a defective battery, Tesla will replace it for free.

The Tesla car batteries are top-performing ones because the rate at which they lose range is very slow. This is true even if the car is already a couple of decades old. On average, you may drive about forty miles daily. A Tesla plugged in overnight at home will have more than enough power to daily to your various destinations.

Even if you were to go on hundred-mile journeys, an old Tesla would still be making almost the same number of stops for recharging as a new one. As you can see where I’m getting at, you can expect your Tesla to run well for many years without ever needing to have the battery changed.

If you have read somewhere that the price is at $12,000, let me explain this. Some years ago, there was a battery replacement program that costs $12,000. This program is made available for Roadster owners. However, most of the Roadster owners didn’t really express much interest in this program.

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Their experience with their batteries was that it was holding up really well. Common sense would tell you that by the time you would ever need another battery, the cost would already be much lower at that time. Eventually, this battery replacement program at $12,000 was discontinued.

But for the sake of knowing the cost of the Tesla car battery, I will share with you some useful information about the Tesla battery cost per kWh, the Tesla battery life and cost, as well as answer how long does a Tesla battery last.

In the next sections, I will share with you the various prices for the batteries for the different Tesla models such as the Model S, Model S85, and Model 3. Along with that, I will expound further on the information of the battery warranty, and the average Tesla battery life expectancy for the three Tesla car models. Let’s begin!

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1. Price Of Tesla Model S Battery

The Tesla Model S battery is predicted to be at $5,000 by the time the warranty of eight years is over. This model was released in 2012. Eight years down the road, in 2020, the cost of getting a new battery for your Tesla Model S will be way cheaper than the figures I share with you here.

If you ever need to have your car battery replaced, as long as it is within the eight-year warranty period, Tesla will repair or replace it for free. Unless, of course, if the cause of the damage is because of intentionally misusing the unit or due to accidents.

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2. Price Of Tesla Model S85 Battery

For a Tesla Model S85, the price is at around $6,500. You may think that’s too much, but if you think about the warranty of the battery which is eight years, that’s not too bad. That price is fairly reasonable. Let me explain to you why.

You have to first keep in mind though that intentional misuse and accidents will void the warranty that you get with the Tesla car battery. As of now, the price is really high. It is because the production of the Tesla batteries is still very costly.

However, in the next years, the price is projected to be much lower. Again, you won’t have any problem with replacing your battery for the next eight years if it’s still less than a year old because of the warranty that you get.

3. Price Of Tesla Model 3 Battery

As of the moment, the Tesla Model 3 is not yet available at the price that is more affordable to consumers. It was promised to have a price of $35,000 but it’s starting price right now is at $49,000.

Nevertheless, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk has stated that the priority of the company is to have a new design for the battery so that it can be produced at a lower cost. This, in turn, will pull the cost down and make the electric car more affordable.

The Tesla Model 3 is an improved version of the older Tesla Model S. But yes, the price is one thing that didn’t improve though. But we hold on to Musk’s promise that they are prioritizing on bringing out a more affordable version of this model.

A good news for consumers is that Tesla has come up with a new battery design that is more cost-efficient. While this battery is relatively cheaper, the quality and performance are not compromised. It is also lighter and can attain a much higher range.

So to answer the question on the price of the Tesla Model 3’s battery, the cost per kWh is at $150 which equates to $7,500 of this model’s battery pack. It can go lower as the design and technology catch up. Costs of building this model will improve, and so will the overall price of the vehicle and its battery.

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What Is The Normal Warranty On A Tesla Car Battery?

Tesla car battery has an eight-year warranty. With this warranty, repairs and replacements are free. Such repairs may include defects in the workmanship or materials of any of the battery’s parts.

If there are any parts that are malfunctioning or if the battery is defective, Tesla will repair or replace the unit. The warranty will also be covering any damage that may happen to your vehicle in the event of a battery fire, even if this may be because of driver error.

Average Of Tesla Battery Life Expectancy

At the early stages of electric cars about a decade ago, the prediction was that electric vehicles wouldn’t be able to last for 100,000 miles. This means that owners of this type of car will have to spend thousands to replace the car or the battery within a few years.

So far, most of the Tesla car owners state that there is about a five percent drop when it comes to the capacity of the battery when it hits the 50,000-mile point. However, the great news is that the degradation rate of the battery considerably drops after that.

What this means is that Tesla vehicles that already put in 160,000 miles still have about 90% remaining battery capacity. Pushing that to 500,000 miles, you still have 80% of the battery capacity, and you can drive for a long time without needing to have your Tesla car battery replaced.

Tesla Model S Battery Lifespan – The battery life of the Tesla Model S is that at 93,000 miles, the battery still has the capacity of 90% to 95%. If you want to know how much of the car’s battery capacity will lose overtime, at an average of 150,000 miles, it will lose about 15% of its capacity. This brings confidence to the owners that the car will still run for a long time.

Tesla Model X Battery Life – With the Tesla Model X battery, the most updated data shows that the car can run for about 31,000 miles before there is even a percent drop detected when it comes to the capacity of the battery. At 168,000 miles, the Tesla Model X battery still has a 91% capacity in it.

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Tesla Model 3 Battery Life – Cars from Tesla have a reputation for not degrading fast. The car batteries still have a high percentage of battery capacity in them even if they go beyond 100,000 miles. With the Tesla Model 3 battery life, you can most likely expect to reach 250,000 miles and just get about 7% battery degradation.

4 Tips For Making Tesla Batteries Last Longer

Electric vehicles are the future. However, when it comes to the new technology of using battery packs made of advanced Lithium-ion, you may need to have a new way of maintaining your vehicle as compared to the more traditional gasoline vehicles.

Here are some of the ways that you can make your Tesla car batteries last longer.

1. Do not overcharge your battery. Most of the electric vehicles have options when it comes to charging. There is Standard, Range, and Max. Whenever you need to, choose the maximum charge. It is advisable to do so before you go on a long trip.

Many electric cars have charging timers so that you can plan on when you should start charging the battery. If you don’t have a timer, you can do a standard charge overnight. To make sure that you are not overcharging the battery, do not let it sit for more than eight hours at a maximum charge.

2. Do not discharge the car battery completely. When you leave your car battery in a discharged state for long periods, it will undoubtedly affect the car battery’s life. To make sure that you are not doing it unintentionally, charge your battery whenever possible. This means that you should plug your car every night if possible. Maintain a reasonable charging level. Don’t let the battery go under 30% of charge.

3. Do not expose your car to extreme temperatures. Unless your car has a system for thermal management, you should keep in mind that the batteries should be kept at around 20F to an 85F range. The number one enemy of electric vehicles’ batteries is heat. The battery will degrade much faster when it is exposed to extremely high temperatures. This goes the same for extremely cold climates as well.

4. Balance your car battery. By balancing your car battery, this means maximizing the capacity of the battery and then evening out the distribution of the charge. Most of the modern electric vehicles have automatic components for battery balancing. However, it pays to know how to know the process as well.

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You may not be needing the maximum range which your electric car can provide, maybe you’re not into road trips, but it is still important that you do a max charge. This max charging will be beneficial for the management system of your car battery. You can do this every three months. Do keep in mind to use your vehicle after fully charging it. Don’t let it sit and then be discharged completely. This will ruin your car battery.


So, what do you think about the Tesla car batteries? It will take a while before you will be needing to have your Tesla car battery replaced. The figures I have shared with you on the Tesla battery replacement cost are only estimates.

The prices are still projected to be much more affordable in the coming years. The technology will continue to advance, and the production costs will eventually drop. By the time you will need to replace the car battery, it will be much, much cheaper compared to the figures I have stated here.


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