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Onnit Overview

Onnit is a lifestyle brand that manufactures nutrition products, dietary supplements, and fitness products. The company also has workout programs on its website that you can use to train and keep your body in shape.
The company designs valuable and quality fitness products and also has workout routines to support your fitness journey.

Onnit creates men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, bags, and backpacks. The company also has an Onnit gym, yoga studios, and a food truck.Onnit Academy offers foundation and specialty certifications for individuals who want fitness training.

How Does It Rate?

Overall Rating: 4.8

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Brand Highlights

    • Onnit is the company behind this line of products, and they develop dietary supplements, nutrition, and fitness products.
    • Onnit HeadQuarter is in Texas, United States.
    • The founder of Onnit Labs is Aubrey Marcus.
    • The company boasts of more than 250 products that aim to enhance peak performance.

Key Ingredients

  • Flaxseed fiber
  • Apple fiber
  • Whey protein


  • Onnit fitness products are high-quality and chip-resistant to endure your workouts
  • The supplements help to improve your mood and sleep quality
  • Support the immune system
  • Some supplements help improve gut health
  • The products help to enhance mental clarity and focus
  • Help build muscles and improve workout performance
  • The nutritional products help to support body wellness and overall health
  • The apparel is customized to make you comfortable during workouts
  • Onnit fitness provides starter guides to help people use the equipment
  • The supplements and nutritional products have minerals and vitamins to keep you hydrated throughout
(Video) Neurologist Reviews Alpha Brain [2 randomized controlled studies + personal experience]


  • Onnit lifestyle products are expensive compared to other wellness supplements and nutrition products
  • Individual results can vary after taking the edible products

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

How Does Onnit Products Work?

Onnit offers a variety of lifestyle products that have different functionalities. Onnit supplements contain active ingredients that improve digestive and brain health, better your sleep, support the immune system, improve your mood and performance.

The nutrition products contain fats and oils, proteins, pantries, and power foods to provide cognitive, immune, mood, and vitality support.

Which Are The Best Selling Onnit Products?

  • Onnit Total Human
  • Onnit Alpha Brain

Other Products Available from Onnit

1. Onnit Total Human

Onnit Total Human is a multi-supplement packet that provides a range of health benefits while also strengthening the immune system. The Onnit Total Human Complete Supplement Packs are an organic product that includes several Onnit products for a variety of health advantages.
Ingredients: Vitamin D, Turmeric, Vitamin E, Cordyceps, Vitamin A, B vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Zinc
Cost: $29.96
Pros: Onnit Total Human reviews claim that the product helps helps elevate your mood and also boost the immune system.
Cons: The results will differ vary from person to person.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

2. Onnit Krill Oil

Onnit Krill Oil is a natural supplement strong in omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids, and other components that improve general cellular functioning, boost brain health and cognition, support cardiovascular wellness, relieve joint pain, and enhance the immune system.
Ingredients: Krill Oil , Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Betaine HCI, Phospholipids
Cost: $29.95
Pros: Promote cellular health.
Cons: Pregnant and lactating women should consult before taking the supplement

3. Onnit Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is made by Onnit, a supplement company founded by Aubrey Marcus. Alpha Brain may aid in the recall of names and locations, the concentration of complex tasks, and the improvement of mental agility in reaction to stimuli. Alpha Brain is a herbal supplement that helps with memory and focus.

Ingredients: Alpha-GPC, Huperzine A, Vinpocetine, AC-11, Bacopa Monnieri, and L-Tyrosine
Cost: $67.96
Pros: May increase concentration, focus, and mental ability.
Cons: The product is not suitable for children

Onnit Ingredients – Are they Safe & Effective?

Creatine Monohydrate

– Creatine supplements support muscle gain and growth, improve workout performance, and help in brain development. The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition claim that creatine supplementation help increase strength and performance during workouts.

Lion’s Mane

– Lion’s mane contains beta-glucan and antioxidants that reduce ulcers, stress, depression, anxiety, and inflammation. The substance also improves cognitive function and mental clarity. According to the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, lion’s mane treats cognitive disorders, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders.

Vitamin B6

– Vitamin B6 is important in mood and emotion regulation. The Vitamin also helps to improve brain and heart health. An article in StatPearls Publishing suggests that vitamin B6 supports cognitive development, body immunity, brain and heart health.


– The saliva and the pancreas contains the enzyme amylase. The enzyme helps break down food into small molecules for easier digestion. According to the HSS Public Access journal, the enzyme amylase helps the digestion of starch and proteins.

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website

Onnit – FAQ’s

Q: Is Onnit Fitness Legit?

A: Yes, Onnit Fitness products are legit. The company manufactures valuable and quality products that enhance performance. Onnit lab tests all the ingredients before they are put in the supplements and nutritional products.

Onnit fitness also has starter guides, on-demand training, and at-home workout routines to help with your fitness journey.

Q: Does Joe Rogan Own Onnit?

A: No, Joe Rogan does not own Onnit. Joe Rogan is a host of popular wellness and fitness podcasts. The founder and owner of Onnit are Aubrey Marcus.

Q: Is Onnit Sold in Stores?

A: Yes, Onnit products are sold in stores. The company’s website has a store locator that allows you to find a store near you where you can purchase your products.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

(Video) Onnit Alpha Brain review: is it life changing?

Q: How Should You Use Onnit Products?

A: Onnit products include dietary supplements, nutrition, and fitness products. Each product has a way of how you need to use them. Before taking the supplements and nutritional products, you should follow the instructions on the products’ labels.

Onnit fitness provides starter guides to teach beginners how to use fitness products. The guides help to prevent getting hurt and damaging the equipment.

Q: How Much Does Onnit Cost?

A: The company’s website displays the prices of its products.They offer deals along with onnit coupon codes on their official websites. Below are some of them;

  • Alpha Brain – $124.95
  • Alpha Brain Focus shot – $23.99
  • Total Human – $137.95
  • New Mood – $59.90
  • Onnit Total Gut Health – $37.95
  • Onnit Grass-fed Whey isolate protein – $59.95
  • Onnit Glutamine – $21.99
  • Onnit MCT Oil – $24.95
  • Onnit Protein Bites – $27.97
  • Onnit Protein Bar – $39.95
  • 32kg Kettlebell – $114.95
  • 90lb Primal Bell – $214.95
  • Onnit Mace 6 (Digital) – $49.95
  • Division Cross body bag – $65.00
  • Onnit Coffee – Arabica Dark Roast – $37.90

Q: What is Onnit Return Policy?

A: Onnit offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on all its products except fitness equipment and digital items. You need to buy the products from the company’s website ‘onnit.com’ to be eligible for this guarantee. The refund is not inclusive of shipping costs and discounts.

Q: How Are the Onnit Reviews?

A: The Onnit reviews were very good. Onnit is rated very wellby customers on the brand’s website. on the other hand, Onnit has a rating of 4.7/5 stars on sites like Amazon. Overall, there is a high level of consistency.

Amazing, especially if you have ADHD

I carried out extensive research and read ONNIT reviews. After that, I made the decision to purchase. now I must say, ONNIT products are amazing. After taking 2 my thoughts become clearer and my actions seem to have more intent. I’ve noticed this clarity that is astounding. If you are a cerebral person, this product is for you. As stated in the headline, this really helps my ADHD. I actually prefer this over Adderall. It’s give me focus without the “high.” Now, this is the effect I see. ~ By Daniel S.

Great unless you build tolerance

I’ve been an ONNIT brand customer for 3 years now. I love Alpha Brain. And, it does what it says. New customers are warned…. some bodies definitely create a tolerance to the product. Including mine. I take this product on days I know I need to focus (sometimes hard to predict) or bi or even tri-weekly. If you take Alpha Brain for two weeks straight, you won’t feel the effects anymore. At least I don’t. Everyone’s body is different. I will still recommend and promote ONNIT products. I just think that is important to know. ~ By Naomi Barton

Q: Does Onnit Offer a Free Trial?

A: No, the company does not have any free trials at the moment.

Onnit Customer Service Info

  • Contact No – 1-855-ONNIT-99
  • Office Hours – Monday – Friday, 9am-3pm CST, or live chat, Monday – Friday, 10am-5pm CST and Saturdays from 9am-1pm.
  • Email[emailprotected]

Onnit Review – Final Verdict

The body is a tool we use every day to achieve greatness, and we have to optimize its performance by taking proper nutrition, doing exercises, and taking supplements.

Onnit provides the foundation to allow the body to perform at its peak. In precise, in the fitness category, they feature Onnit kettlebells, maces, clubs, and primal bells that help during your workout routines.

You can also access home fitness programs such as Onnit 6 suite that transform your body in six weeks.

Where To Find It

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Product reviews are provided for informational purposes only and reflect solely the views and opinions expressed by the contributors and not those of Consumer Health Digest. We do not verify or endorse any claims made in these reviews. Please read the full product reviews disclaimer. *All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Onnit Reviews - Is It Safe To Use & Worth Buying? (9)

Customer Reviews & Ratings

5.0 out of 5

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  1. Miles Kenney

    Just try it! Onnit works for me.

    The best way to describe the Onnit products is natural feeling clarity. I get a little of that let’s go get this done without feeling shaky. I feel like I don’t second guess every decision It’s just what’s next, what’s next.

Ask a Question

Onnit Ques and Ans

  • Q: Who Owns Onnit?

    A: Aubrey Marcus is the founder of Onnit, a lifestyle brand based on his Total Human Optimization holistic health philosophy. With over 250 products ranging from peak performance supplements to foods, fitness equipment, and apparel, Onnit has become an Inc. 500 company and industry leader since its foundation.

  • Q: Does Joe Rogan Own Onnit?

    A: Joe Rogan is one of Onnit's co-founders and the company's most well-known spokesperson.

  • Q: Is Onnit Safe?

    A: Onnit is a world-famous nootropic that combines scientifically proven and natural ingredients. They also claim to have keto-friendly and gluten-free products. According to the onnit reviews, no side effects have been reported while using it.

  • Q: Is Onnit Sold in Stores?

    A: Yes, You can use the store locator to find a store near you.

  • Q: Is Onnit Legit Or A Scam?

    A: Onnit is not a scam and 100% Legit. Onnit is a renowned, respectable health and wellness company that provides customers with a diverse selection of exciting fitness equipment, vitamins, and apparel. The organization seeks to assist customers in achieving various health and wellness goals and offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

  • Q: Is Onnit FDA Approved?

    A: No, Onnit has not been approved by FDA.

  • Q: What Onnit Supplements Should I Take?

    A: According to Onnit, Users should take the formula on a regular basis, to increase endurance, improve heart health, and provide the body with essential nutrients. Focus+Brain, Mood+Sleep, Digestive Health, Daily Support, and Essential Nutrition are just a few of Onnit's health supplements. You can choose which is better for you based on your health condition.

  • Q: Where Can I Buy Onnit Products?

    A: you can buy onnit products from their Official Website.

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$30 - 140




Creatine Monohydrate, Lion’s Mane, Vitamin B6, Amylase

Onnit Reviews - Is It Safe To Use & Worth Buying? (11)

Official Website

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We review published medical research in respected scientific journals to arrive at our conclusions about a product or health topic. This ensures the highest standard of scientific accuracy.

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**This is a subjective assessment based on the strength of the available informations and our estimation of efficacy.

*Result may vary. The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purpose. No medical claims are implied in this content, and the information herein is not intended to be used for self diagnosis or self treatment of any condition.

*Disclosure of Material connection: Some of the links in the post above are "associate sales links." This means if you can click on the link and purchase an item, we will receive a commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services which we use personally and/or believe will add value to our readers. We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials."

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Is Onnit worth the money? ›

Is Onnit Total Human Worth It? Final Verdict. Our final takeaway on the Total Human pack is that it's a great all-in-one supplement for those looking to support their overall health. So if you're looking for an all-natural supplement to help you feel your best day and night, Onnit Total Human is worth considering.

Are Onnit products safe? ›

More than a half-dozen of Onnit's products are certified drug-free by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG), including Alpha BRAIN®, Shroom TECH Sport, and Total Strength + Performance.

Are Onnit products FDA approved? ›

No, similar to most dietary supplements on the market, Alpha Brain is not FDA approved.

Is Onnit third party tested? ›

Onnit is committed to the highest standards of quality and efficacy. We have already had many of our products independently certified to be competition safe, and we're actively pursuing even more certifications. Informed Sport is a third-party testing program developed by the world-class anti-doping laboratory, LGC.

Does Onnit help anxiety? ›

According to Onnit.com, Alpha Brain is a complete brain supplement, delivering: Enhanced focus and learning. Better memory retention and recall. Reduced stress and anxiety.

How many times a day should I take alpha brain? ›

The recommended use for Alpha Brain states: “Adults, as a dietary supplement, take two capsules daily, preferably with a light meal.” It also suggests that they should be stored in a cool, dry place to keep them in the best possible condition. This is the case with most forms of supplements.

Does Joe Rogan own part of Onnit? ›

Revenue Source #3: Onnit

Did you know that Joe Rogan actually owns 50% of Onnit? He's a 50/50 partner of the health and wellness company and they offer supplements, food, and really unique fitness equipment. They got popular for their original kettlebell designs, and they're a really popular health and wellness brand.

How long does Alpha take to work? ›

Asphalt takes six to twelve months to fully cure, and remains a little more susceptible to damage for that time. However, it takes 48 to 72 hours to "dry" enough for foot and vehicle traffic. This is for new asphalt.

How long do Onnit products last? ›

Hey there! Our supplements will have a manufactured (MFG) date printed on the packaging, and the product is good for 2 years after that date.

Where are Onnit products made? ›

Made InAustin

Onnit's roots are in Austin, TX, and we're proud to be a part of this community.

Who is Onnit owned by? ›

Aubrey Marcus is the founder of Onnit, a lifestyle brand based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization. Since its founding, Onnit has become an Inc. 500 company and industry leader with over 250 products ranging from peak performance supplements to foods, fitness equipment, and apparel.

What is the difference between Alpha BRAIN and Alpha Brain Black Label? ›

Think of regular Alpha BRAIN ® as a good supplement to take daily for supporting cognitive function. But, on days that you're really under the gun and need to be extra focused and productive, Alpha BRAIN ® Black Label is the better option. (Note: DO NOT take both products in a 24-hour period.)

What ingredient is in Alpha BRAIN? ›

Alpha Brain has two ingredients that boost acetylcholine levels: GPC choline, which the body converts to acetylcholine, and Huperzine A, an alkaloid derived from Chinese club moss, also known as Huperzia serrata. "Huperzine A disarms the enzyme that naturally breaks down acetylcholine," Marcus said.

Does GNC sell Alpha BRAIN? ›

Onnit Alpha Brain® - 30 Capsules | GNC.

How do you clear your brain of anxiety? ›

The following are 9 strategies to help you get unstuck and move forward:
  1. Attempt Cognitive Distancing. Try to see your anxious thoughts as guesses, not as facts. ...
  2. Try Cognitive De-Fusion. ...
  3. Practice Mindfulness. ...
  4. Focus on Direct Experience. ...
  5. Label Things. ...
  6. Stay in the Present. ...
  7. Broaden Your View. ...
  8. Get Up and Get Going.
Jun 28, 2015

What chemical in the brain reduces anxiety? ›

A subset of brain cells that release a fight-or-flight chemical called norepinephrine unexpectedly reduces anxiety and stress in mice, according to new findings by NIEHS researchers. The study, published Sept.

Is it OK to take Alpha BRAIN everyday? ›

You can use Onnit Alpha BRAIN every day for as long as 6 weeks. Just ensure you don't take more than four capsules in a day. You should also take ONLY two capsules per serving. Overdosing could lead to some side effects.

What are the benefits of taking alpha? ›

Several studies suggest alpha-lipoic acid helps lower blood sugar levels. Its ability to kill free radicals may help people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, who have pain, burning, itching, tingling, and numbness in arms and legs from nerve damage.

What does Alpha do to the brain? ›

Alpha waves induce feelings of calm, increase creativity, and enhance your ability to absorb new information. Meditating and practicing mindfulness are some of the most obvious ways to prolong your ability to stay in an alpha state, but there are other ways, as well.

Does Alpha BRAIN reduce stress? ›

The increased production of alpha brain waves can not only reduce stress and anxiousness but allow people to maintain more focus. In his study, Dr. James Hardt concluded that there was a direct correlation between raising alpha brain waves and a reduction in feeling anxious.

What kind of drug is Alpha BRAIN? ›

Alpha Brain is a natural nootropic that's certified drug-free by the Banned Substances Control Group, a leader in 3rd party dietary supplement testing and certification. Combining all natural ingredients like BACOPA, CAT'S CLAW, HUPERZIA SERRATA, and OAT STRAW, Alpha Brain is safe for competition and work.

When should you take Onnit alpha brain? ›

Take two capsules daily, preferably with a meal to help you get in the zone!

Who is Joe Rogan's wife? ›

Rogan married Jessica Ditzel, a former cocktail waitress, in 2009. They have two daughters, who were born in 2008 and 2010. Rogan is also the stepfather of Ditzel's daughter from a previous relationship.

What is Joe Rogan's salary? ›

Joe Rogan Net Worth
Net Worth:$120 Million
Salary:$60 Million Per Year
Date of BirthAug 11, 1967 (55 years old)
Place of BirthNewark
3 more rows

Is Joe Rogan a billionaire? ›

Last Updated: August 2, 2022. As of January 2023, Joe Rogan's net worth is roughly $120 Million, making him one of the richest comedians in the world. Joe Rogan is an American stand-up comedian, martial arts color commentator, and podcast host.

How long does an alpha last? ›

Alphas tend to last between 6 and 8 weeks. Which means you should book your alpha assessment within a fortnight of starting your alpha.

What are the side effects of alpha? ›

The most common side effects are headache, heartburn, nausea, and vomiting. When applied to the skin: Alpha-lipoic acid is possibly safe for most adults when used as a cream for up to 12 weeks. It might cause a rash in some people. Pregnancy: When taken by mouth, alpha-lipoic acid is possibly safe.

Is Alpha Medical real? ›

Quality Care

Alpha Partner Pharmacies are licensed by the Boards of Pharmacy in the states that we serve.

Does Onnit new mood make you tired? ›

Unfortunately, the new mood supplement didn't really do the trick. Though I did feel a pleasant sense of calm about 20 minutes after taking the capsules, I didn't feel drowsy. In fact, I felt as though I was in a sort of strange state between wakefulness and sleep, which made it difficult to drift off to dreamland.

What is Onnit used for? ›

Onnit New Mood - Stress Relief, Sleep and Mood Support Supplement, 30 Count.

Is Onnit made in USA? ›

Designed in Austin at the Onnit HQ and manufactured in the USA, we set out to raise the bar with our new performance apparel collection.

Is Onnit an American company? ›

About Onnit

Founded by Aubrey Marcus in Austin, TX, Onnit's lifestyle products address customers' various supplement, functional nutrition, fitness, mental, and emotional wellness needs.

What is Onnit made of? ›

Onnit Flow Blend contains L-tyrosine, phosphatidylserine, L-theanine, and oat (straw) extract. Onnit Fuel Blend comprises L-leucine and pterostilbene. Onnit Focus Blend is made of bacopa (aerial parts) extract, Huperzia serrara (aerial parts) extract, and L-alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine.

What products are similar to Alpha Brain? ›

Mind LAB Pro

The supplement works well and is a good alternative to the alpha brain. It has a calming blend of 11 essential brain nutrients. The ingredients boost mental clarity, cognition, and focus. Mind Lab Pro is manufactured carefully keeping in view all of the brain growth requirements.

Does Onnit have an app? ›

Download the Onnit Gym App to plan and schedule your training at the Onnit Gym in Austin, Tx!

What does Joe Rogan invest in? ›

Joe Rogan's Assets & Investments

According to Forbes, Joe Rogan's assets include 15 real estate properties, 10 Cars, 4 Luxury Yachts. Joe Rogan's Assets Portfolio also includes Cash Reserves of over $30 Million.

Does Alpha BRAIN have long term effects? ›

It is fine to take Alpha Brain on a daily basis for up to three weeks. However, any longer than that and we think it is highly likely that you will start to experience side effects. If you continue to use Alpha Brain on a daily basis, these side effects will become both more likely and significantly worse.

Does Whole Foods carry Alpha BRAIN? ›

Blackberry Lemonade Alpha Brain Instant 30 Count, 0.16 oz at Whole Foods Market.

Does Alpha BRAIN have sugar? ›

Alpha BRAIN® is a stimulant and sugar free blend of Earth Grown Botanicals™, vitamins and amino acids.

Is Alpha BRAIN placebo? ›

Results: Compared with placebo, Alpha BRAIN® significantly improved on tasks of delayed verbal recall and executive functioning. Results also indicated significant time-by-group interaction in delayed verbal recall for the Alpha BRAIN® group.

Is Onnit owned by Joe Rogan? ›

The company that owns Alpha Brain is called Onnit Labs and is a world-renowned nootropic manufacturer that became a market leader in 2011 shortly after its launch. Joe Rogan owns many shares in the company and believes in the product, so he promoted it thoroughly when released.

Does Joe Rogan use Onnit supplements? ›

Alpha Brain: Daily Cognitive Support

Alpha Brain is the #1 supplement Joe Rogan endorses. He believes in all of the ONNIT supplements, but you know Alpha Brain was where it all started for him if you listen to his podcasts. It has a five-star world-renowned nootropic supplement rating with millions of bottles sold.

Does Joe Rogan use Onnit? ›

Joe Rogan takes Onnit Shroom TECH Sport about an hour before working out. The key ingredient in Shroom TECH Sport is cordyceps mushroom extract. Cordyceps provides energy and improved oxygen utilization allowing Rogan to push himself harder in the gym.

Did Joe Rogan own Onnit? ›

Did you know that Joe Rogan actually owns 50% of Onnit? He's a 50/50 partner of the health and wellness company and they offer supplements, food, and really unique fitness equipment.


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